CRAFTS (on rotation)

NATURAL ABUNDANCE - All natural hand made coconut body products

QUIRK AND FOIBLE - Craft Supply and Design: Gift boxes, cards, materials, tools, craft supplies!

WABI SKINCARE - Natural, organic and fair trade bath and shower products. Exfoliating coffee body scrubs, botanical bath tea bags and delicious soaps.

LEMON & GINGER - London based Ethical Pop-up . Hand picking you affordable,unique and re-cycled Vintage fashion. 

OLD MOTHER LONDON - An independent London based label offering unique products for ‘modern times’. Blending together Mother Earths most finest and natural creations with a touch of Urban Elegance to create timeless soul nurturing Products.

The selection of hand cut raw crystals, plated in gold and silver captures the untainted and natural formation each crystal has taken.